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Colon Hydrotherapy and ​Personal ​Training

It’s Not a Gym…It’s Personal!

Call Now: (707) 853-5239   Vallejo, California 94590

PRAYER REQUEST We are NOT a Recovery/Support Group. (All requests are kept completely confidential)

Women of Substance Fellowship (WOS) was born in 2006 to Heal, Prosper and Deliver women out of bondage, However we are not a recovery/support group. The Center was started by April Powell and opened its doors in 2014 to help individuals get there mind, body and soul in the best shape possible. April is a woman who has become renowned for her unique healing abilities through her esoteric spiritual calling, knowledge and experience. Her approach is rooted in tradition, with a modern and fresh approach that is intended to transform your mind, body and soul to achieve real lasting results in all areas of your life. Through a guided process, you will gain clarity around your limiting patterns, so that you may lovingly (without struggle) transmute them into intentional and actionable change. April help her clients experience a shift in caring for themselves while coaching them through the pain, loss and recovery to be empowered on their own unique journey. When we share from a place of authenticity, in a non-judgmental space, we uplift and inspire each other.

The Center's space was designed to be a retreat-like center offering support for women, both physically and mentally. We wanted to create a safe place for women and individuals to receive the support and services that they needed; To build self confidence, self esteem and self acceptance in a safe and non-intimidation environment in one location. We train women, couples and individuals through a number of different healing modalities; one-on-one sessions, holistic treatments, body work, spiritual counseling, all-women events and workshops.

1st Monday Starting January 2019

Monday Night Health Fellowship 7pm

Donations Welcome

Healthy Monday Permanent Weight

Join us to JUMP START your health plan:

The class Includes, but not limited to: basic nutritional education for those who are trying to gain or lose weight, diabetes patients, high blood pressure patients, high cholesterol patients, If you wanted to learn how to detox your body naturally, or those just wanting to make improved nutritional choices and better health. Fellowship sessions will also cover how to read a food label, meal planning, emotional eating, how to shop, how to eat out, and numerous other topics that aid in better health in a realistic, sustainable, supportive and fun environment. This meeting will provide a forum to explore women’s health In hopes of empowering more women to take creative actions over their health and wellness. I'll make it simple!

2nd Wednesday Starting January 2019

Wednesday Night Fellowship 7pm

Donations welcome

Ladies, Please join us in victory through accountability. We endeavor to fellowship once a month, not only to keep up sisterly camaraderie, but to be there in love, encouragement and support of one another – We all have desires to achieve or acquire something in our lives, which is why we set goals and intentions to help us get where we want to go, sharing each other’s joys and pain, knowing that we are not alone in our desires make life a whole lot better. Accountability is not about apportioning blame. Blame is unhealthy! While it may be important to learn from mistakes and to ensure that you continually grow, blame ultimately achieves very little. Excuses keep us from being accountable for what really took place! Everybody needs to have an “accountability partner” – no matter who we are! We all need somebody that we can confide in! We all need somebody to hold us accountable in a Positive & Loving fashion!

As a non-Profit 501(c)(3) organization all donations are tax deductible. All donations, contributions, bequests, transfers or gifts are tax-deductible to the full extent of the US law. Our federal tax ID# is 26-2100241. All donations are non-refundable. Mailing address for donations is: Women of Substance Fellowship, Post Office Box 5943 Vallejo, Ca. 94591

Donations, dues, and fees go towards our building fund for a healing retreat for our community and launching programs that provide critical health education and services to the community.

Gain Clarity On What's Next For You Realize that achieving your desires is absolutely possible and feel empowered to take the next step.

Create Real Results Experience significant breakthroughs and positive change where you have previously felt stuck and stagnant.

Manifest Deeply Held Desires With Ease Harness the power of mindfulness to find more meaning each day and connect deeply to your path and purpose


Release Behaviors That Are Holding You Back Uncover and confront limiting beliefs that have been holding you back from realizing your true potential.

Develop Powerful Relationships Your Coach will serve as your guide, confidant, accountability partner, and cheerleader to ensure you reach and celebrate your accomplishments.

Cultivate Your Authentic Self Enjoy a judgment-free space where you are encouraged to focus on who you are versus the roles you play.