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Colon Hydrotherapy and ​Personal ​Training

It’s Not a Gym…It’s Personal!

Call Now: (707) 853-5239   Vallejo, California 94590

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I didn't think I could do it in 4 weeks but April pushed me all the way, Hard! :)  My wedding day and my dress was perfect.  I've never had any trainer know me without knowing me if you know what I mean. April, is the best, she don't play, OK a little :) but we got it done..  

Thank You for holding me accountable.. Gill J.

My co-worker and I are getting services done. April made time for us during the week. The vibe is awesome. She is informative and kind. The studio is nice as well. Thank you thank you thank you..                                                                                                                                    

C. Jones

“Before I met April, I was pretty much a 55-year-old man that was out of shape. I committed myself for 90-day workout routine with April, something that I thought I was never able to accomplish. Once I got started following the instructions, my life changed tremendously. I dropped off the weight and lost inches around my waist. People at my job and family were noticing a change in me and I felt things with April workout routine that was truly a life changing experience. I recommend to anyone who has issues with their weight and want to make a change for themselves to go see April. She is truly a life changing experience.”

- Anthony S.

“My daughter is 13-years-old and has severe cerebral palsy. She cannot walk, talk or tell us when she is in pain. She started having really bad muscle spasms in her arms and legs, so her doctor told us she needed a therapist to work her out and give her daily massages. This was a challenge because our daughter doesn't take to everyone, but we found out she took to April.

April came in and did an assessment on her, wrote up a plan and went to work on her. April started exercising her body and gave her daily massages to loosen up her muscle tone. She also made her healthy drinks to help with her digestive system. We started noticing the changes right away. Her body was not as tight or rigid, she was more relaxed, her sleep pattern changed, she was sleeping better and longer throughout the night, and her digestive system was working more naturally. My daughter's doctor was so impressed with the changes he saw that he told us to increase her sessions to everyday and we could even do twice a day.

We are so pleased with the changes in our daughter. A lot of doctors said it might not make a big change for her, but they were wrong. I just want to thank April for giving our beautiful little angel some happiness with a little less pain.”

- Tina H.

“April’s extensive knowledge, guidance and positive support have been instrumental in my becoming stronger and healthier at 67 than I have been at any other time in my life. April took the time to understand what my needs, schedule and physical capabilities were and then helped me create a plan that is easy for me to maintain. She has changed my life in a huge way and I am so very grateful.”

- Donna R.

“I am a 51 years old and I wanted to lose weight and build my energy back up, so I contacted April for help. She told me that I had to be committed to change and not give up on myself, even if I didn't notice any changes right away. So I got busy.
April introduced me to different types of exercises and supplements that was geared towards my specific needs, and I am excited to say they worked for me. I went down inches at first and then 2 sizes. I feel so good about myself right now. Even though I have not hit my goal, I have a lot of motivation and April, so I will succeed.” 

- Tina H.

“I had my first colon hydrotherapy session with April in November and I have to say it was great! I was pretty nervous and not sure what to expect, but she explained every motion she made and went in detail about how the colon works. I really felt like I walked away understanding my body better. It was a great experience and I'll definitely make it a part of my routine.”

- Dominique H

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433 Tuolumne Street. Suite 101

Vallejo, Ca. 94590

Phone: 707-853-5239

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