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Colon Hydrotherapy and ​Personal ​Training

It’s Not a Gym…It’s Personal!

Call Now: (707) 853-5239   Vallejo, California 94590


Personal Training for Both Men and Women Let’s get started today!

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Personal Training / Exercise

Personal training offers many benefits. The one-on-one attention of the trainer is invaluable to achieving a healthy lifestyle, however it does not have to mean you train alone. We welcome our clients to workout with your significant other, friends, family or anyone in a small or private group of up to four individuals.

This maximizes the amount of encouragement receiving from the trainer and other participants and may yield even better results. No matter whether it’s one or four, we will work on strength, balance, flexibility and core stability while helping you become energized, healthy and agile. We use cardio, resistance, core and stretching to help meet your goals.

Personal training is an all-encompassing approach to improving health, wellness, and fitness. We offer a variety of professional services in both short-term and long-term programs, including:

  • Full exercise assessment and consultation
  • Nutritional counseling guidance
  • Cardio training conditioning
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Core, flexibility and balance training

Colon Hydrotherapy & Detoxification
We can only share results we hear from our clients. Below are benefits that patients have felt after their sessions:

  • Better absorption
  • Better immune system
  • Energy and less fatigue
  • Heals digestive issues
  • Healthier skin, hair and nails
  • Improved bowel movements
  • Less bloating and gas
  • Less food cravings
  • Less inflammation/body aches
  • Mental clarity
  • Reduction of menstrual cramps
  • Relief from allergies
  • Relief from headaches
  • Relief from low back pain
  • Sinus drainage
  • Weight loss

All service are designed with YOU in mind

Our services will help you reclaim a healthy mind, body and spirit. 

Our services are designed to Educate, Empower, and Improve the health of all who come to BodybyDesign2.

*Personal Training      *Colon Hydrotherapy

*Nutritional Guidance   *Goal Specific Diets   *Infrared Sauna Detox

*Natural Hygiene Coach

*Whole body lymphatic drainage machine


To begin to lose weight and feel great, you may need a nutritional transformation. Education is the first step.
This includes a review of a three-day food diary, review of medical history, nutrition assessment and a basic nutrition education plan for your individualized goals, while planning the next steps of your program.

Although we don’t promote traditional diets, because everyone is different and has different needs, we will give you the knowledge to understand what food and drinks are unhealthy and suggest great, nutritional alternatives through effective, one-on-one sessions. We will provide you with a goal-oriented nutritional program that will motivate and support you along your journey.

Aerobic Vibration Exercise

Using spin energy that is converted into seesaw movement, this is another way of exercising and will help increase metabolism and healing while decreasing fat. It also offers benefits, such as oxygen absorption and increased circulation.

Infrared Sauna

There are many Therapeutic effects and Wellness benefits of the Infrared Sauna:
Reduces stress and fatigue

Relieves pain

Burns calories

Detoxifies the body

Improves skin by cleansing the pores

Improves lymphatic circulation

Stimulates and strengthens the immune system

..and many more benefits

CLOTHING:  How you dress is your choice. Some people will wear bathing suits, while others prefer to go in naked.

Relax, read, meditate, or just listen to music. Just don’t go to sleep.

When your session is done, it’s suggested that you take your time and let your body cool down,

Make sure you bring your drinking water and your own towel.